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afternoon, the place Belitung where the ship Express

afternoon, the place where the ship Express Bahari booths. Mr. orientate guard across the street, but there is a place a copy of handwriting Express Bahari in the glass shop. However, it turns out there were only selling tickets to Port Muntok and sold only tomorrow morning before leaving, while for a travel ticket and ships bound for the Pacific must be purchased separately in different places. Finally, the ticket layanan paket wisata belitung seller that shows where the Maritime Express ticket counter purchase of another, a house on the right about - about 100 meters from the copy place. Me and Mayan immediately to get there, it is there where ticket sales I was looking for heading the Pacific. From ticket Palembang - Port Muntok, travel tickets from Port of Pangkalan Balam Muntok and ticket to the last boat heading to the island of Belitung I get everything at once. All the tickets for Rp.410ribu for executive class and if you want the VIP for Rp.500ribu. And of course I choose the executive: D. When purchasing tickets to go yesterday, the Mayan starting to show its fangs playboy his work just teasing ya sell tickets with sweetness and insisted on getting phone numbers mbak ticket seller. Mayan whispered to me "Rey if the number I'm going kasiin dapet to you", I just smile - a smile is not clear that more drunk nanggepin Mayan hypnotized ya face of the ticket sales. I explained my kebrangkatan route from the Port of New Boom up towards the Pacific clearly in these counters, while joining in the action execution Mayan lethal seduction. Once everything is clear I pay the ticket and it turns out that selling tickets Ma'am not tempted by the sweet seduction Mayan (kasian de you know, ha ha: D). Finally went to Belitung for tickets already in hand and I am ready to leave for the Pacific island the next day. Before going home I leave tomorrow for observation port from which the entry until we boarded the ship, though not clumsy again tomorrow. Generally, I have not ever go outside away from Palembang to sea lanes, it's not funny the next day missed due to a stray ships in the harbor: D. Completed observation made harbor, behind deh home for tidying up tomorrow, but first want to buy a souvenir for the first yuk Meza in the Pacific, he would let me invites traveling to all corners of Belitong: D.Picks mengambil kami foto-foto cantik di healthy, kami pun dari pulau beranjak Semakin ramai itu yang. Pulau Burung, itu tujuan kami. Garis pantai laut yang luas give dangkalnya pulau ini membuat kolam Renang maha seperti saya buat luas. Berenang give berenang seorang directed sementara Ola kembali menikmati tidur dengan pantai-tiduran. Iya, benar-benar seorang directed. Beda dengan yang ramai Lengkuas Pulau, Pulau Burung di kami beruntung jarang karena ada yang ke pulau berkunjung ini.

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