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departing from Palembang to the Pacific by ship lines Belitung

departing from Palembang to the Pacific by ship lines. Amid search virtual world, I stopped at one of the blog of a friend who also lived in Palembang and never backpackeran to the Pacific using sea lanes, I have full information about the route to the Pacific by ship with ticket prices and details of his experiences at the same time also to visit various tourist beach on the island of Belitung (thanks, DIT,: D). Even more blazing spirit to sail to the Pacific: D. I look back at the mobile phone contact list, see friends who may still think - think it can come along to the Pacific. Finally I contacted Ismail Jali, when CMS first friend and asked her vacation to the Pacific a few days from the day Saturday, December 17 with a journey to the Pacific by ship. "Jali" (his nickname) said, around 20 can only be free and I agreed to leave on December 20. I returned mengsms yuk Meza, that will go to the Pacific on December 20, with a friend. Let Meza reply sms with answer "ok". And you know the next day, after turning from the mosque harga paket wisata belitung after Friday prayers near the home about 1 pm of a sudden my phone rang, calling Jali and "What" ....? Jali news that could not come to go to the Pacific, due to a full work schedule at the end of the year. I was confused, between yes and do not want to go to the Pacific. But somehow I still decided to stay off to the Pacific, although alone (nekad.com). I tried to contact the "Mayan" friend of the class lecture on the Mayan Polsri yesterday asking if she could accompany nyari ship tickets to the Pacific for the next day. Mayan could answer, because he came in late to work that day and she also wanted my house that afternoon.

Based on the instructions from the blog of a friend I found earlier, there is a choice between Express ticket ships and Marine Resources said Bangka and Belitung sea routes towards the start of the port of New Boom transit in the port of Palembang then Muntok in the Pacific, then continued rising travel from the Port Muntok to Port Base Balam. Of both vessels, which only offers a travel ticket from Pangkalan Balam Muntok and ticket to the next ship heading and the Pacific Maritime Express only source of Bangka only serve Palembang Muntok service. So, let me not bother me follow the prompts to choose to travel by ship Express Bahari. Around 2 pm, I went to the direction and Mayan port of New Boom Palembang looking for a Marine Express boat ticket sales. Arriving at the port of New Boom gate, I asked the security guard father and a good-natured mustachioed on duty that

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