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Prayer person who again took turns in grant belitung

Prayer person who again took turns in grant preparation although also less mature with very minimal . That expression of delight when I learned that Citilink Airlines is willing to give as much as 15 Seat Seat fly per flight Jakarta - Tanjung Pandan and also reverse the impact of pailitnya airline Batavia Air . I Setau government will not provide this assistance . My assumption is that Citilink is willing to carry passengers with the agreement of the route can be taken . But certainly I 've been really happy to hear and feel the goodness of the Citilink . Choosing a traveling schedule is very tough choices in my life . In because of agen tour travel belitung the many activities that I do * ass * really dehh . But because the intention was unanimous finally I can run smoothly with Destination 2 days on the island of Belitung can be met as well . But behind the fun there too sad this time . It turns out that two of my friends can not go out in because of time off that is not in the approval and the work they have to do . Understandably such  my previous post I bought tickets for 3 people . One for me and two others were from Bandung . Yes that's life there are always choices . Want to have fun there must be something to be sacrificed . And will never disappear from our lives a choice .
Although I can not with my friends at my friends turned out to be another take on the same schedule . And the coincidence of two people as well . So I assume that both of them are friends from Bandung earlier . Transportation on the island of Belitung is very difficult and can even count fingers . So my suggestion , lo must confirm to the first car rental service provider before going there . And usually that many in the rental vehicle is a four wheel vehicle . The more the group the more low- cost car that is issued . Well since we were only three of us , so the cost is a little expensive in comparison if we were five or six people .
To BelitungPulau Beiltung welocome a very large mining area . There are many other locations on the island of Bangka at the center of the mining companies and mining families . And an average of one family have mine in the traditional manner . And traces can be changed to a blue lake where long forage on living . Such as Lake Kaoni that I mentioned earlier . After that we tried very famous noodles Bangka . Previous information that I can noodle Noodle ATEP is typical of Bangka . But it turns out the information was wrong . So ATEP name is the name of stalls selling noodles Bangka . In because a lot of these noodles are eaten either from the artists to the state officials , then all people call Mie ATEP .

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