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Belitung , exotic and captivating island has been known even

Belitung , exotic and captivating island has been known even to foreign countries . The island is decorated with fine white sand and a soft , clean sand like sugar . In addition to its mix of colors the sky , sea , and sand beaches , the island is also dotted by giant boulders . We will feel very small when bersandingan with stones there . Belitung Island also has a beautiful marine animals and can be easily found on the shoreline .In addition , Belitung Island is also surrounded by small islands are beautiful , like Bird Island , Pig Island , Monkey Island , and Lengkuas . Yaa island name not familiar to our ears .. :) Billiton also be recomended destination for you who want to spoil the tongue . There are many vendors who nyeum nyeum sea food and ajiiiiiiib really. Well , that doubt or fear make for the Pacific , Miss ya love tips
1 . Tentuin nge - trip schedule
Because most of the tour in the Pacific Islands is a marine tourism , so the best time for jamming trip there during the dry season , ie April to August . If there in the dry season , you can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific satisfied from morning till night without rain interruption . In those months , the sea calm and the sky was too blue .
In addition , March is also tour murah belitung a good time of the visit , not because the waves are so high . If you get there in ujan season , which obviously will be high waves due to heavy rain . Nge - season trip to the Pacific in ujan greater risk , especially in season ujan many ships that choose not to operate.
2 . Select the appropriate Flight
The easiest , Pacific Islands can be reached by air. Although it can also use the sea route with jetfoil from Bangka Island . For Belitung , flight destination is Tanjung Pandan , not Kuala Tanjung Pinang or Penang . Because many travelers who buy tickets when one wants to Belitung . Pinang base it on Bangka Island , and the Tanjung Pinang on Bintan Island . So , you must carefully and pay attention to detail when buying a ticket .

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