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There are 3 airline which flies to Tanjung Pandan

There are 3 airline which flies to Tanjung Pandan Belitung , namely Srivijaya , Sky Aviation , and Citilink . Because the flight seats are limited, airfares are very volatile and tend to be expensive in the holiday season and weekends . Belitung who is not only independent travelers , but there is also a tour group . So , you must message of tickets in advance. Not only that dapet cheap tickets , but you also avoid running out of seats .
4 . Find info for places that will be visited in the Pacific
Know your destination for Belitung later . Because many attractions are amazing there . Papa if you do not paket wisata belitung get there in a little time , but if you get there in a short time , you have to selectively choose the place where you want to go . You can browse first before determining the destination object wisatamu . You see , you need a message inns, hotels , rent a boat from the distant days . With you know where aja destination you want to visit , you can later make itenary appropriate , cost-effective and efficient . hehee
5 . Proper and appropriate transport
In the Pacific , there is only ground transportation services , car rentals , bike and public transport . In the Pacific there is no taxi service arga . If you want to rent a car , can be done when a new up at the airport . In many service that offers car rental and driver services , or without a driver . If you 've never been to the Pacific , better hire a car and driver .
6 . Choosing a specialty
Lodging in the Pacific is very diverse , there are many classes offered in accordance with the amenities offered at each inn . In the Pacific there is an exclusive class lodging to lodging wisama class . In addition there is the cottage for you who want to enjoy the Pacific ngerasain maximum satisfaction . In Cape Coast Kelayang , many inns as bungalows . For the budget or backpacker class , can find hotels in Tanjung Pandan jasmine . You can choose the appropriate accommodation at your needs .
7 . Siapin sufficient supplies
Do not forget to make provision nyiapin before ngetrip . Bring plenty of mineral water , snacks , fruit , personalized medicine , sun block , mosquito repellent , as well as multi- vitamins for stamina njaga you during the trip there . You see , in some of the attractions you would be hard nemuin stalls njual various foods and drinks , especially when you again ngelakuin island hopping in the waters .
8 . Select a tour & travel services right
But if you were the first time to the Pacific and do not want to be bothered , it's better to use services of Tour & Travel . The service provider can ngedampingi you for nge - trip in the Pacific , all the rental lodging, transportation , atapun flight ticket can be assisted by them . Many tour & travel services that are professional enough to cater to tourists , so you must be selective in choosing the services of tour & travel right .
9 . Find cheap tour packages
Ditawarin same tour package tour & travel services in the Pacific offers many variasai in price and amenities . Some are expensive , some are cheap lah yaaa . However , the price difference is not so much . So , select the services of tour & travel nawarin cheap price and still give good service

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