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The next day we went on the adventure of traveling to Belitung

The next day we went on the adventure of traveling to the Cape High Tanjungpandan , our special day around the islands in the Pacific . Tips , best time to visit is between the months Belitung April to October because the weather was friendly to island hopping . Tanjung Kelayang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific , coastal recreation center periodically in the boat flown by hundreds of foreign yachts in the Sail Indonesia event . This place is also a tourist port used to do island hopping tour the most demanding tourists who come to Belitung . Yes , this is the place he most eagerly awaited adventure this time .Garuda Kelayang rock promontory , Belitung
With over 1 hour journey , we finally arrived at Cape High . Unlike in Tanjungpandan , in the Cape High paket wisata belitung travel it is rarely found lodging . After meeting with the owner of the ship Rusdi pack , it was time sea adventure begins ;-) ) Arrive at Tanjung Kelayang already known by local people as a place of recreation since the first . The most interesting sights is a small island formed by large granite rocks located approximately 300 meters from the beach end . Shape of a bird 's head like a rock , that's what makes this place name as Tanjung Kelayang , where Kelayang is the name of a type of bird . Residents around calling stone shaped like a bird 's head with a more distinctive name is Stone Garuda .

Tanjung Kelayang , Belitung
hairy crab , Pacific Islands
Sand Island is actually not an island, the place that it is a pile of charred land which only consists of sand . What's interesting about this place is a pile of sand that make up this island only appears at low tide . At high tide the entire land sank beneath the sea . The island is not extensive , comprising only about half a football field . No other items on this island besides piles of fine white sand and red starfish stranded :-) ) typical Belitung .

Sights around Sand Island , a beautiful island once because the location is located between the islands adjacent to each other like Kepayang island , the island of Pigs , the island Tukong Kelayang and Stone Sailing . Distance is the closest island to the Kepayang are only separated by a waist-deep sea water during low tide .

Kapayang Island , Belitung
The Big Star Fish with Crystal Clear Waters of Sand island , Belitung

If you visit the island of sand , there is one thing not to be missed . Playing the water is clear and shallow , and there simply underneath the fine white sand gently sloping and broad distribution . Look to the bottom of the sea , you will find a special animal inhabitants of the island of sand . They are big red starfish . Recently many starfish are scattered in the waters around the island of sand . I did not miss the opportunity to take pictures with these unique creatures .

Important ! Please keep the preservation of nature . DO NOT BRING THE STARS OUT THIS PLACE TO SEA . If you take a starfish to take pictures , please do not be left in the air for too long so that the animals do not die . Immediately starfish back into the water after you take a picture . The starfish does not bite and do not also remove toxins .

Stone Island Sailing is a formation of giant granite boulders where there are two large rocks which stand vertically so shaped just like a sail as the boat and white sand . Formation that is what makes this place called the Pacific population Stone Sailing .

Uniquely Stone Island Sailing , Pacific Islands

Bird Island is one of the most beautiful sights in the Pacific . In this island there is a large granite rocks shaped like a bird that was incubating eggs . Among the granite rocks that resemble the bird, in which there is a very beautiful lake that can be encountered at low tide , the rocks can be reached only by foot at low tide . The island is a tourist spot that deserves to be a place to linger to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the beach .

Bird Island when receding , Belitung
Bird Island , Belitung
On the other side of the island birds are crystal clear sea waters with fine white sand seabed is shallow . We can be free to play in the crystal clear sea with fine white sand bottom of this .

Bird Island , Belitung

One of the sights in Cape Coast Kelayang , Belitung .

Lighthouse at Galangal Island , Belitung
Why Lengkuas called ? No one knows the exact answer . The island is interesting to visit because there is a lighthouse there .

Lighthouse on the island of galangal , Belitung

Playing in the ocean ... eyes seemed to not want to loose see coral reefs , that's where my little friends play , they vary in color , moving swiftly surrounded me as if invited to play together . :-) Remember yaa ... when snorkeling and swimming , try not to step on the coral there .

Water content to play on the island of galangal and hungry stomach was already time for lunch , pack the helmsman Rusdi we swiftly prepare our menu of grilled fish and rinse on the island was subject to a charge of Rp 5000 . Island atmosphere on Sunday was quite crowded visitors and also generate a fair amount of garbage left just when it was available where the exhaust and not much loh ... ckckck ...

Lunch is ready ! Wuiiih .... fun lunch while looking at the expanse of laut.O yes ... do not waste the opportunity to climb the 299 stairs to a height of 60 meters to the top of the lighthouse . When at its peak , we will see views of the vast ocean with small islands that surround Lengkuas .... cute ! To enjoy the view at the top of the lighthouse we are also subject to a fee of Rp 5000 .

Once content to play on the island ... we continue galangal island hopping adventure around the Cape Kelayang . Later that afternoon and the sky was overcast we decided to end this adventure . Around the house pack Rusdi many selling dried fish dried tablets .... seen many fishermen around the house , I did not miss to buy as souvenirs later .

Finally we headed to Tanjung Tinggi beach where shooting film Laskar Pelangi is already booming . The beach is decorated with large rocks and there is a very large ... lying on the beach like vomit from the sky . Waiting for sunset which did not stop at Tanjung Tinggi beach because thick dark clouds covering the sun and finally drizzle drops.

Tanjung Tinggi beach , Belitung
I was so impressed ... they sang ' hymns ' green moss :-) )
Satisfied adventure at sea tub pirate picnics .... we 're back to where we were staying overnight Tanjungpandan . After the clean- up around the city until we were looking for dinner time . Do not forget to taste the fish brains ... its nice deh ya .

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