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After lunch , we continued on to the Cable Car to Belitung

After lunch , we continued on to the Cable Car to the Museum said Andrea Hirata ... want to know , what is the contents of the building that looks this simple ? ;-) ' It ... ? ' iyaaa ... a lot of the words contained in the written almost an entire wall , poto - poto Laskar Pelangi , books and stuff memories bang Andrea Hirata . Too bad the owner is not there hmm ... when hope really want to photograph :-( museum is filled with inspiring , words are displayed makes optimistic and illustrated stories full of learning . Keren !cottage museum said Andrea Hirata , Belitungfigura that adorn paket wisata belitung tour one of the Museum said , Belitung .The word museum atmosphere back room decorated photograph bang Rhoma Irama .In the back room of the museum said there is a coffee shop called ' Kupi Coolie ' we are able to create your own taste , its atmosphere as a kitchen in the past that still use firewood and kettles are already obsolete . Fragrant black coffee ... must try if stopping ;-)

SD Laskar Pelangi , Belitung
feel so elementary students Laskar Pelangi ,
Shh ... monitor the situation would Madol :-) )
This turned out to be obsolete buildings for places prewed photograph also yaa ....
Hooray ... has been allowed to go home ..!
One more thing you must visit for fans of Rainbow Warrior is a place Muhamadyah elementary school shootting Rainbow Warriors . Although it looks almost like the debris but also exciting for narcissistic place . :-) ) ... And the other tourist attractions in East Belitung is no less interesting is the pice Dam . Water dam Dutch colonial era relic is one of the historic buildings in the Pacific . Historically , named after a Dutch architect , Sir Vance . This dam Lenggang stem the flow of the river . Dam it seems still standing strong despite decades old . The location of this dam not far from SD Muhammadiyah elementary Hanging aka Rainbow Warriors .

On the way home , we took time to stop by the coffee shop in the city manggar . This city is known as the " City of the Thousand and One Coffee Shop " . Despite the simple form of roadside stalls , stalls were never empty of visitors . Both locals and tourists scrambling typical Belitung sipping coffee accompanied with various snack market . With the variation of the price of Rp 3,000 to Rp 5,000 per glass , we are able to sip sweet black coffee , white coffee , tea or milk . From the shop we can also observe the activities of the local people , taste the local knowledge that is created from the various cultures that exist in this city .

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