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indirectly promoting the beauty of Belitung island more

Since popularnya " Rainbow Warriors " by Andrea Hirata which are indirectly promoting the beauty of Belitung island more familiar to many people . One of them is me as a fan . But this time I did not tell him about the movie or the players yaa ... :-) Together with friends, at the end of May the seven of us had the opportunity to visit the island of Belitung . 3 day 2 night adventure in the exotic island of rocks . Very Unforgettable!airports Tanjung Pandan , Belitung
Arriving paket wisata belitung terbaik at the airport Tanjung Pandan  , we 've picked up our car which has a direct booking from Jakarta and East towards the Pacific coast to be exact manggar Serdang village .

Serdang beach located in the Bird Bath . It is generally white sandy beaches as the Pacific coasts , but unique you will not find a single granite rock on the beach but only along the white sand beaches and hundreds of pine trees that bordered the sea between the coast and inland . In the background we can see the mountains Bird Bath . It makes this beach different , because here is the only one that has the Pacific coast mountains as a backdrop . Bird Bath distance to the airport is approximately 70km , can be reached within an hour . There are no hotels in this vicinity , the nearest town is manggar , within 18km . The beach is beautiful and not too crowded . Seen some colorful boats parked on the beach , we were busy taking photos there ... tired of playing we sat relaxing on the beach while enjoying the fresh young coconut ... whew !

Not far from the beach Serdang , we stopped at the beautiful sandy beach of white Bird Bath and looks nothing like a river that flows into the clear blue sea and shore .. :-( We had the tasting menu Gangan snapper for lunch .Gangan menu snapper typical Belitung .
Advanced Bird Bath village trip we had visited the Vihara Dewi Kwan Im . This place is known as a place of worship Kong Fu Chu Belitung largest , was built on a mountainside Bird Bath . From this place , you can look around the sea off the coast Bird Bath . In every place in February was packed with pilgrims to worship in commemoration of the Chinese New Year . Although this is a religious place , visitors can come anytime for a tour .

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