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Tour de Belitung Very Happy n Anepun Senang Brai

This time is catper Tour de Belitung , on-road as usual with a distance of only 300km .
Followed 208 participants from Jakarta : PCC ( Castle Cycling Club ) , SCT ( Serpong Cycling Team ( Mr. Eko Lumadyo represent SCT on stage giving a speech , because the SCT one sponsor sau TdB ) ) , TSCC ( Taman Surya ) , MP3 ( Muara Karang , PIK , Pluit ) , MCT ( Monas Cycling Team ) , PGN ( Perusahaan Gas Negara ( see my lecture at Trisakti fitting ) , KGB ( Kelapa Gading ) , ID hysterical , wIII , Toshiba , Skippy , and Petrobikers dong ( Mr. Octo , Mas Herki ( Murphy ) , Ade ), from Bandung there Galao ( Gowes Anti Loading ) with mas Son and Iwan ( we gowes together in BBK ) , Solo Cycling Club ( SCC ) , Medan Gowes Group ( MGG ) with Mr. Ahin as the oldest participant ( 72 years ) which gowes mtb use the over size than the body of the father , but he was really great gowes her ; there were also paket wisata belitung murah participants from Hong Kong ( but who co- Caucasians ni , Dale and Luke ) , and Mark Winkle from Jakarta ( I know him in BBK ) , Axel and Tenne ( Lombok Audax hosts 25 to 27 January 2013) , Community Bike Bangka , Belitung Bike Community .December 7 , 2012 ( Friday)
Sriwijaya Air flight delayed 1 hour , passengers are mostly participants TdB the other day joined WSA ( West Sumatra Audax ) , Bali Bike Compass ( BBK ) , Bali Audax , and other audax , so the atmosphere was like a reunion .
The good - cargo bikes already in first since December 4 ( with a cargo bike delivery began on December 4 to 6 , at a cost of £ 75,000 ) . Committee ( Mr. Benny cs ) is very well prepared , because penerbanga Belitung per day only Sriwijaya Air ( 4x ) , and Batavia Air (2x ) , with maximal only 30 bicycles that can be transported .
The committee is also active fuel sundries pendaftarn reminded participants that arrive at the hotel , bike collection procedures , etc. ; every day of the tung ting tang BB continues deh receive fuel from Mr. Benny .
Once arrived at the airport H. As. Hanandjoeddin ; direct bus ride and we stopped at the famous Mie Belitung ATEP it ( noodles with sweet thick sauce , eaten with a mixture of cucumber , chips , and shrimp ) . Because really crowded , we had to queue to himself as he brought the glasses and plates to Encik to be made noodles and a glass of orange juice ( I actually used to wash glass , because glass runs out , hehehe .... really cool guests feel at home ) .Arriving at the hotel Bahamas , direct registration ( to 1 jersey ) . I'm rooming with Diani jeng ( organizer ) who hooked snacking , while we eat chocolate wasabi from Japan , he terjemahin his songs played Andy Lau wearing his Nokia ( I just knew Andy Lau to sing ) . Fyi , Diani has hp shop at Ambassador Mall , he was the info that frequency jamming BB charge power bank can make use BB ic weak , and it can Matot BB ( totally dead ) as doi got so paranoid ni ' to use the power of banks .Anyway , mechanical assured , wrote the info box live our bikes to the mechanics mas , a few hours later directly deh bike ready to live life . Wrote up the cost , I greet paste £ 100,000 for Removable including the already immaculate bike in the box again .
Technical Meeting held at 18.00 for 45 minutes late , after that we were transported by bus 3 ( in the Pacific there are only 4 buses , and 3 has been hired to TdB ) and some ELF for dinner at the Regent Pacific pack ( no music and could sing well for the love karaoke )December 8, 2012 ( Saturday )
Today 180km including extra mileage to the office 5km gowes regent for the real start .
Today is the village Buding ( 45km ) , lunch at the resto manggar all Fega ( 45km ) , Hamlet Elementary School 8 Air Ruak ( 45km ) , and the finish on the coast of Cape buried ( 40km ) .There were some participants who gowes with mtb mtb including me with that in - hybridkan and small tires replaced . Well , it turns out wasteful of energy and time ; each finish on the break point I definitely had to break up even though participants still plenty of drinking water ( mineral water , Pocari Sweat , canned bird 's nest , etc. ) . Btw , mtb bikes too heavy ( about 15kg my mtb 's) , I could try one of the participants with Pinarello not till 6kg weight , huhuhu ..... pantes aja the applause of all the road bike ( most likely also still chromoly my mtb and his Pinarello titanium , hehehe ...! )
Oiya , several times as usual I was Kuncen gowes , rear , this time to marshal his motorized police with loudspeakers encouraging her " mother spirit ... come on ! " Title resignation diliatin people along the way , hehehe ...! ( in the event of motor or car marshalnya police committee , there's no cycling marshal )

After lunch at manggar , hot weather around 38C , but about 1 hour later started overcast and heavy rain . The sweeper car kutitipi my raincoat somewhere , eventually gave up as well after showers hit the front tire of my bike , asphalt roads too slippery once , but its middling flat tracks but no shelter along the way due to oil palm plantations . I transported sweeper police car , crammed with other goweser in the car double cabin , wet and warm .
Police said the pack in the Pacific should be fine keep talking , something usually granted if requested . The police officer said , " certainly a lot for rain ni ' because the heat was so , so real rain deh " , sounds like heresy really does , but it is one that while I was busy gowes haw " kuluk - kuluk big rain " , hehehe ... . ! !SDN 8 participants in the hamlet of Water croaking welcome elementary school students in an atmosphere of heavy rain . In addition to the break drink , snack , and fruit , Benny pack also handing out towels " " good morning " to all participants , it is a great committee .The event finished in Tanjung buried defunct fitting me up , because there seems festive tent slang all . Finally, I shared some goweser caretaker , gowes relaxed back to the hotel just 10 minutes from the finish .

December 9, 2012 (Sunday )
Today the distance of about 110km , with the Hotel Bahamas - Hamlet Mempiu cerucuk village ( 35km ) , Cape Coast High fatherly photo session ( these shores Rainbow Warriors ) 45km ; Resto Berahu Hill for lunch ( 13km ) , and finish at the Bahamas hotel again ( 17km ) . Let the spirit before the start dong the same first photo Mr. Octo and Mr. Ahin .Lunch menu is pretty cool ( meatballs , cah sprouts , fried shrimp , chicken sauce , fish fillets , cut fruit and durian as her dessert ) . When Mr. and Mrs. Regent lunch all shooting for the show " Menu and Venue " .After our picnic lunch boat ride to the island of galangal , we can go up to the lighthouse and photographs .When heavy rain left the island , so it is definitely in the boat soaking wet and still have gowes 17km back to the hotel . But since the last day so I wrote spirit though not wear the jersey . I wear cotton shirt from Jogja but Petrobikers who wear t-shirts in a cleaning fit deh so anti-cold , Mr. Octo and mas Herki Petrobikers wear jersey .Once in the Bahamas at about 5pm , straight line participants receive a medal . That night our bus dinagkut for a gala dinner at the Hotel Hatika . Our dinner while listening to a presentation from the next host events like Tenne ( Lombok Audax host 25 to 27 January 2013) photos attached , Medan Gowes Group ( Tour de Lake Toba 8 to 12 March 2013) , and a door prize with a prize of al hp , tablets , notebooks , home theater , etc. .

December 10, 2012 ( Monday )
With the Srivijaya morning ( 7.30 am -an ) approximately 20 goweser back to Jakarta , were neatly dressed in office because it did not want to cut off . Box bike has been transferred to the airport since Sunday night , but still wrote a new Sriwijaya allow for in - check in it Monday morning . Fortunately, there is Mr. Amos is responsive help check -in of passengers and goods , free of charge for luggage bike anyway .
Once arrived at the Soekarno - Hatta , for the sake of safety , bike box participants exchanged ID bracelets ( bracelet prompted the committee , so I can make memorabilia deh , huhuhu ...! )

My Note
The committee was very nice and professional and helpful.
Food , beverages , and fruit is assured , every evening at the hotel there is a snack ( pempek , ice doger ) and a cake box that can be brought to the room . His hotel by the sea , so can leyeh - leyeh snacking while out in a restaurant with a beach view .
As Kuncen gowes , car organizers loyal following me to arrive at a break point , until Mr. Amos alternating sleep , wake up , sleep again , Ade has not arrived at a break point .
I've got a time limit when gowes to Resto Bukit boat , for fear of fitting I got his lunch restaurant is up , apart from having to chase the boat to the island of Galangal as well , so hit sweeper deh .

On the way I got the enlightenment of Mr. Amos ( he turns elders had at PCC SCT and 4 years ), ie : better road bike - bike , or road bike is in hybridkan ( ni opposite bike , mtb that even in hybrid to road bike , if road - bike once gowes be 2m , that may have 2x mtb new gowes could 2m ) , if nanjak teeth should remain large , custom -made gear mtb if nanjak aka ngicik small , so wasteful of energy .
( I had courted before willingly disweeper , hehehe .... ( according to Amos power pack and the spirit is still there : but because of the bike and the time is tight so please come by car )
Gowes on-road training must also be diligent because the long ride ; exercise 3 times a week with a minimum distance of about 100km per workout ( deh difficult for the employee like me , huhuhu ...! ) . Should gowes time with friends and to hide from the wind behind the front so saving energy . If you do not exercise the ability gowes 2 weeks can go down 40 % , if not a month training gowes ability to down 100 % . Deh different title with mtb . But friends road - bike our appreciation of off-road/mtb , for sure ngikuti rhythm heavy on-road .

Oiya , in the event there is no card is in -cap , because the event is not a race , the goal is more to the picnic and togetherness , but still wrote friends on-road speeding gowesnya applause , or I wrote that was slow yes , hehehe ... ! !

Fees ( excl airticket ) £ 3,000,000 ( twin share ) or EUR 5,000,000 ( single room ) or EUR 5,000,000 ( single + spouse not participate gowes but there jjs event ( one of them to his house Pak Ahok ) + shopping of course ) .
Results of talking with Mr. Amos , the total cost of around EUR 700 million TdB , the committee was also successful me - lobby Government and the local police , former police chief Sir IrJenPol Rum is now base in Jakarta and Pak police chief also participated gowes .

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