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March 31 2014


afternoon, the place Belitung where the ship Express

afternoon, the place where the ship Express Bahari booths. Mr. orientate guard across the street, but there is a place a copy of handwriting Express Bahari in the glass shop. However, it turns out there were only selling tickets to Port Muntok and sold only tomorrow morning before leaving, while for a travel ticket and ships bound for the Pacific must be purchased separately in different places. Finally, the ticket layanan paket wisata belitung seller that shows where the Maritime Express ticket counter purchase of another, a house on the right about - about 100 meters from the copy place. Me and Mayan immediately to get there, it is there where ticket sales I was looking for heading the Pacific. From ticket Palembang - Port Muntok, travel tickets from Port of Pangkalan Balam Muntok and ticket to the last boat heading to the island of Belitung I get everything at once. All the tickets for Rp.410ribu for executive class and if you want the VIP for Rp.500ribu. And of course I choose the executive: D. When purchasing tickets to go yesterday, the Mayan starting to show its fangs playboy his work just teasing ya sell tickets with sweetness and insisted on getting phone numbers mbak ticket seller. Mayan whispered to me "Rey if the number I'm going kasiin dapet to you", I just smile - a smile is not clear that more drunk nanggepin Mayan hypnotized ya face of the ticket sales. I explained my kebrangkatan route from the Port of New Boom up towards the Pacific clearly in these counters, while joining in the action execution Mayan lethal seduction. Once everything is clear I pay the ticket and it turns out that selling tickets Ma'am not tempted by the sweet seduction Mayan (kasian de you know, ha ha: D). Finally went to Belitung for tickets already in hand and I am ready to leave for the Pacific island the next day. Before going home I leave tomorrow for observation port from which the entry until we boarded the ship, though not clumsy again tomorrow. Generally, I have not ever go outside away from Palembang to sea lanes, it's not funny the next day missed due to a stray ships in the harbor: D. Completed observation made harbor, behind deh home for tidying up tomorrow, but first want to buy a souvenir for the first yuk Meza in the Pacific, he would let me invites traveling to all corners of Belitong: D.Picks mengambil kami foto-foto cantik di healthy, kami pun dari pulau beranjak Semakin ramai itu yang. Pulau Burung, itu tujuan kami. Garis pantai laut yang luas give dangkalnya pulau ini membuat kolam Renang maha seperti saya buat luas. Berenang give berenang seorang directed sementara Ola kembali menikmati tidur dengan pantai-tiduran. Iya, benar-benar seorang directed. Beda dengan yang ramai Lengkuas Pulau, Pulau Burung di kami beruntung jarang karena ada yang ke pulau berkunjung ini.

departing from Palembang to the Pacific by ship lines Belitung

departing from Palembang to the Pacific by ship lines. Amid search virtual world, I stopped at one of the blog of a friend who also lived in Palembang and never backpackeran to the Pacific using sea lanes, I have full information about the route to the Pacific by ship with ticket prices and details of his experiences at the same time also to visit various tourist beach on the island of Belitung (thanks, DIT,: D). Even more blazing spirit to sail to the Pacific: D. I look back at the mobile phone contact list, see friends who may still think - think it can come along to the Pacific. Finally I contacted Ismail Jali, when CMS first friend and asked her vacation to the Pacific a few days from the day Saturday, December 17 with a journey to the Pacific by ship. "Jali" (his nickname) said, around 20 can only be free and I agreed to leave on December 20. I returned mengsms yuk Meza, that will go to the Pacific on December 20, with a friend. Let Meza reply sms with answer "ok". And you know the next day, after turning from the mosque harga paket wisata belitung after Friday prayers near the home about 1 pm of a sudden my phone rang, calling Jali and "What" ....? Jali news that could not come to go to the Pacific, due to a full work schedule at the end of the year. I was confused, between yes and do not want to go to the Pacific. But somehow I still decided to stay off to the Pacific, although alone (nekad.com). I tried to contact the "Mayan" friend of the class lecture on the Mayan Polsri yesterday asking if she could accompany nyari ship tickets to the Pacific for the next day. Mayan could answer, because he came in late to work that day and she also wanted my house that afternoon.

Based on the instructions from the blog of a friend I found earlier, there is a choice between Express ticket ships and Marine Resources said Bangka and Belitung sea routes towards the start of the port of New Boom transit in the port of Palembang then Muntok in the Pacific, then continued rising travel from the Port Muntok to Port Base Balam. Of both vessels, which only offers a travel ticket from Pangkalan Balam Muntok and ticket to the next ship heading and the Pacific Maritime Express only source of Bangka only serve Palembang Muntok service. So, let me not bother me follow the prompts to choose to travel by ship Express Bahari. Around 2 pm, I went to the direction and Mayan port of New Boom Palembang looking for a Marine Express boat ticket sales. Arriving at the port of New Boom gate, I asked the security guard father and a good-natured mustachioed on duty that

March 11 2014


Prayer person who again took turns in grant belitung

Prayer person who again took turns in grant preparation although also less mature with very minimal . That expression of delight when I learned that Citilink Airlines is willing to give as much as 15 Seat Seat fly per flight Jakarta - Tanjung Pandan and also reverse the impact of pailitnya airline Batavia Air . I Setau government will not provide this assistance . My assumption is that Citilink is willing to carry passengers with the agreement of the route can be taken . But certainly I 've been really happy to hear and feel the goodness of the Citilink . Choosing a traveling schedule is very tough choices in my life . In because of agen tour travel belitung the many activities that I do * ass * really dehh . But because the intention was unanimous finally I can run smoothly with Destination 2 days on the island of Belitung can be met as well . But behind the fun there too sad this time . It turns out that two of my friends can not go out in because of time off that is not in the approval and the work they have to do . Understandably such  my previous post I bought tickets for 3 people . One for me and two others were from Bandung . Yes that's life there are always choices . Want to have fun there must be something to be sacrificed . And will never disappear from our lives a choice .
Although I can not with my friends at my friends turned out to be another take on the same schedule . And the coincidence of two people as well . So I assume that both of them are friends from Bandung earlier . Transportation on the island of Belitung is very difficult and can even count fingers . So my suggestion , lo must confirm to the first car rental service provider before going there . And usually that many in the rental vehicle is a four wheel vehicle . The more the group the more low- cost car that is issued . Well since we were only three of us , so the cost is a little expensive in comparison if we were five or six people .
To BelitungPulau Beiltung welocome a very large mining area . There are many other locations on the island of Bangka at the center of the mining companies and mining families . And an average of one family have mine in the traditional manner . And traces can be changed to a blue lake where long forage on living . Such as Lake Kaoni that I mentioned earlier . After that we tried very famous noodles Bangka . Previous information that I can noodle Noodle ATEP is typical of Bangka . But it turns out the information was wrong . So ATEP name is the name of stalls selling noodles Bangka . In because a lot of these noodles are eaten either from the artists to the state officials , then all people call Mie ATEP .

Belitung , exotic and captivating island has been known even

Belitung , exotic and captivating island has been known even to foreign countries . The island is decorated with fine white sand and a soft , clean sand like sugar . In addition to its mix of colors the sky , sea , and sand beaches , the island is also dotted by giant boulders . We will feel very small when bersandingan with stones there . Belitung Island also has a beautiful marine animals and can be easily found on the shoreline .In addition , Belitung Island is also surrounded by small islands are beautiful , like Bird Island , Pig Island , Monkey Island , and Lengkuas . Yaa island name not familiar to our ears .. :) Billiton also be recomended destination for you who want to spoil the tongue . There are many vendors who nyeum nyeum sea food and ajiiiiiiib really. Well , that doubt or fear make for the Pacific , Miss ya love tips
1 . Tentuin nge - trip schedule
Because most of the tour in the Pacific Islands is a marine tourism , so the best time for jamming trip there during the dry season , ie April to August . If there in the dry season , you can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific satisfied from morning till night without rain interruption . In those months , the sea calm and the sky was too blue .
In addition , March is also tour murah belitung a good time of the visit , not because the waves are so high . If you get there in ujan season , which obviously will be high waves due to heavy rain . Nge - season trip to the Pacific in ujan greater risk , especially in season ujan many ships that choose not to operate.
2 . Select the appropriate Flight
The easiest , Pacific Islands can be reached by air. Although it can also use the sea route with jetfoil from Bangka Island . For Belitung , flight destination is Tanjung Pandan , not Kuala Tanjung Pinang or Penang . Because many travelers who buy tickets when one wants to Belitung . Pinang base it on Bangka Island , and the Tanjung Pinang on Bintan Island . So , you must carefully and pay attention to detail when buying a ticket .

There are 3 airline which flies to Tanjung Pandan

There are 3 airline which flies to Tanjung Pandan Belitung , namely Srivijaya , Sky Aviation , and Citilink . Because the flight seats are limited, airfares are very volatile and tend to be expensive in the holiday season and weekends . Belitung who is not only independent travelers , but there is also a tour group . So , you must message of tickets in advance. Not only that dapet cheap tickets , but you also avoid running out of seats .
4 . Find info for places that will be visited in the Pacific
Know your destination for Belitung later . Because many attractions are amazing there . Papa if you do not paket wisata belitung get there in a little time , but if you get there in a short time , you have to selectively choose the place where you want to go . You can browse first before determining the destination object wisatamu . You see , you need a message inns, hotels , rent a boat from the distant days . With you know where aja destination you want to visit , you can later make itenary appropriate , cost-effective and efficient . hehee
5 . Proper and appropriate transport
In the Pacific , there is only ground transportation services , car rentals , bike and public transport . In the Pacific there is no taxi service arga . If you want to rent a car , can be done when a new up at the airport . In many service that offers car rental and driver services , or without a driver . If you 've never been to the Pacific , better hire a car and driver .
6 . Choosing a specialty
Lodging in the Pacific is very diverse , there are many classes offered in accordance with the amenities offered at each inn . In the Pacific there is an exclusive class lodging to lodging wisama class . In addition there is the cottage for you who want to enjoy the Pacific ngerasain maximum satisfaction . In Cape Coast Kelayang , many inns as bungalows . For the budget or backpacker class , can find hotels in Tanjung Pandan jasmine . You can choose the appropriate accommodation at your needs .
7 . Siapin sufficient supplies
Do not forget to make provision nyiapin before ngetrip . Bring plenty of mineral water , snacks , fruit , personalized medicine , sun block , mosquito repellent , as well as multi- vitamins for stamina njaga you during the trip there . You see , in some of the attractions you would be hard nemuin stalls njual various foods and drinks , especially when you again ngelakuin island hopping in the waters .
8 . Select a tour & travel services right
But if you were the first time to the Pacific and do not want to be bothered , it's better to use services of Tour & Travel . The service provider can ngedampingi you for nge - trip in the Pacific , all the rental lodging, transportation , atapun flight ticket can be assisted by them . Many tour & travel services that are professional enough to cater to tourists , so you must be selective in choosing the services of tour & travel right .
9 . Find cheap tour packages
Ditawarin same tour package tour & travel services in the Pacific offers many variasai in price and amenities . Some are expensive , some are cheap lah yaaa . However , the price difference is not so much . So , select the services of tour & travel nawarin cheap price and still give good service

March 08 2014


The next day we went on the adventure of traveling to Belitung

The next day we went on the adventure of traveling to the Cape High Tanjungpandan , our special day around the islands in the Pacific . Tips , best time to visit is between the months Belitung April to October because the weather was friendly to island hopping . Tanjung Kelayang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific , coastal recreation center periodically in the boat flown by hundreds of foreign yachts in the Sail Indonesia event . This place is also a tourist port used to do island hopping tour the most demanding tourists who come to Belitung . Yes , this is the place he most eagerly awaited adventure this time .Garuda Kelayang rock promontory , Belitung
With over 1 hour journey , we finally arrived at Cape High . Unlike in Tanjungpandan , in the Cape High paket wisata belitung travel it is rarely found lodging . After meeting with the owner of the ship Rusdi pack , it was time sea adventure begins ;-) ) Arrive at Tanjung Kelayang already known by local people as a place of recreation since the first . The most interesting sights is a small island formed by large granite rocks located approximately 300 meters from the beach end . Shape of a bird 's head like a rock , that's what makes this place name as Tanjung Kelayang , where Kelayang is the name of a type of bird . Residents around calling stone shaped like a bird 's head with a more distinctive name is Stone Garuda .

Tanjung Kelayang , Belitung
hairy crab , Pacific Islands
Sand Island is actually not an island, the place that it is a pile of charred land which only consists of sand . What's interesting about this place is a pile of sand that make up this island only appears at low tide . At high tide the entire land sank beneath the sea . The island is not extensive , comprising only about half a football field . No other items on this island besides piles of fine white sand and red starfish stranded :-) ) typical Belitung .

Sights around Sand Island , a beautiful island once because the location is located between the islands adjacent to each other like Kepayang island , the island of Pigs , the island Tukong Kelayang and Stone Sailing . Distance is the closest island to the Kepayang are only separated by a waist-deep sea water during low tide .

Kapayang Island , Belitung
The Big Star Fish with Crystal Clear Waters of Sand island , Belitung

If you visit the island of sand , there is one thing not to be missed . Playing the water is clear and shallow , and there simply underneath the fine white sand gently sloping and broad distribution . Look to the bottom of the sea , you will find a special animal inhabitants of the island of sand . They are big red starfish . Recently many starfish are scattered in the waters around the island of sand . I did not miss the opportunity to take pictures with these unique creatures .

Important ! Please keep the preservation of nature . DO NOT BRING THE STARS OUT THIS PLACE TO SEA . If you take a starfish to take pictures , please do not be left in the air for too long so that the animals do not die . Immediately starfish back into the water after you take a picture . The starfish does not bite and do not also remove toxins .

Stone Island Sailing is a formation of giant granite boulders where there are two large rocks which stand vertically so shaped just like a sail as the boat and white sand . Formation that is what makes this place called the Pacific population Stone Sailing .

Uniquely Stone Island Sailing , Pacific Islands

Bird Island is one of the most beautiful sights in the Pacific . In this island there is a large granite rocks shaped like a bird that was incubating eggs . Among the granite rocks that resemble the bird, in which there is a very beautiful lake that can be encountered at low tide , the rocks can be reached only by foot at low tide . The island is a tourist spot that deserves to be a place to linger to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the beach .

Bird Island when receding , Belitung
Bird Island , Belitung
On the other side of the island birds are crystal clear sea waters with fine white sand seabed is shallow . We can be free to play in the crystal clear sea with fine white sand bottom of this .

Bird Island , Belitung

One of the sights in Cape Coast Kelayang , Belitung .

Lighthouse at Galangal Island , Belitung
Why Lengkuas called ? No one knows the exact answer . The island is interesting to visit because there is a lighthouse there .

Lighthouse on the island of galangal , Belitung

Playing in the ocean ... eyes seemed to not want to loose see coral reefs , that's where my little friends play , they vary in color , moving swiftly surrounded me as if invited to play together . :-) Remember yaa ... when snorkeling and swimming , try not to step on the coral there .

Water content to play on the island of galangal and hungry stomach was already time for lunch , pack the helmsman Rusdi we swiftly prepare our menu of grilled fish and rinse on the island was subject to a charge of Rp 5000 . Island atmosphere on Sunday was quite crowded visitors and also generate a fair amount of garbage left just when it was available where the exhaust and not much loh ... ckckck ...

Lunch is ready ! Wuiiih .... fun lunch while looking at the expanse of laut.O yes ... do not waste the opportunity to climb the 299 stairs to a height of 60 meters to the top of the lighthouse . When at its peak , we will see views of the vast ocean with small islands that surround Lengkuas .... cute ! To enjoy the view at the top of the lighthouse we are also subject to a fee of Rp 5000 .

Once content to play on the island ... we continue galangal island hopping adventure around the Cape Kelayang . Later that afternoon and the sky was overcast we decided to end this adventure . Around the house pack Rusdi many selling dried fish dried tablets .... seen many fishermen around the house , I did not miss to buy as souvenirs later .

Finally we headed to Tanjung Tinggi beach where shooting film Laskar Pelangi is already booming . The beach is decorated with large rocks and there is a very large ... lying on the beach like vomit from the sky . Waiting for sunset which did not stop at Tanjung Tinggi beach because thick dark clouds covering the sun and finally drizzle drops.

Tanjung Tinggi beach , Belitung
I was so impressed ... they sang ' hymns ' green moss :-) )
Satisfied adventure at sea tub pirate picnics .... we 're back to where we were staying overnight Tanjungpandan . After the clean- up around the city until we were looking for dinner time . Do not forget to taste the fish brains ... its nice deh ya .

After lunch , we continued on to the Cable Car to Belitung

After lunch , we continued on to the Cable Car to the Museum said Andrea Hirata ... want to know , what is the contents of the building that looks this simple ? ;-) ' It ... ? ' iyaaa ... a lot of the words contained in the written almost an entire wall , poto - poto Laskar Pelangi , books and stuff memories bang Andrea Hirata . Too bad the owner is not there hmm ... when hope really want to photograph :-( museum is filled with inspiring , words are displayed makes optimistic and illustrated stories full of learning . Keren !cottage museum said Andrea Hirata , Belitungfigura that adorn paket wisata belitung tour one of the Museum said , Belitung .The word museum atmosphere back room decorated photograph bang Rhoma Irama .In the back room of the museum said there is a coffee shop called ' Kupi Coolie ' we are able to create your own taste , its atmosphere as a kitchen in the past that still use firewood and kettles are already obsolete . Fragrant black coffee ... must try if stopping ;-)

SD Laskar Pelangi , Belitung
feel so elementary students Laskar Pelangi ,
Shh ... monitor the situation would Madol :-) )
This turned out to be obsolete buildings for places prewed photograph also yaa ....
Hooray ... has been allowed to go home ..!
One more thing you must visit for fans of Rainbow Warrior is a place Muhamadyah elementary school shootting Rainbow Warriors . Although it looks almost like the debris but also exciting for narcissistic place . :-) ) ... And the other tourist attractions in East Belitung is no less interesting is the pice Dam . Water dam Dutch colonial era relic is one of the historic buildings in the Pacific . Historically , named after a Dutch architect , Sir Vance . This dam Lenggang stem the flow of the river . Dam it seems still standing strong despite decades old . The location of this dam not far from SD Muhammadiyah elementary Hanging aka Rainbow Warriors .

On the way home , we took time to stop by the coffee shop in the city manggar . This city is known as the " City of the Thousand and One Coffee Shop " . Despite the simple form of roadside stalls , stalls were never empty of visitors . Both locals and tourists scrambling typical Belitung sipping coffee accompanied with various snack market . With the variation of the price of Rp 3,000 to Rp 5,000 per glass , we are able to sip sweet black coffee , white coffee , tea or milk . From the shop we can also observe the activities of the local people , taste the local knowledge that is created from the various cultures that exist in this city .

indirectly promoting the beauty of Belitung island more

Since popularnya " Rainbow Warriors " by Andrea Hirata which are indirectly promoting the beauty of Belitung island more familiar to many people . One of them is me as a fan . But this time I did not tell him about the movie or the players yaa ... :-) Together with friends, at the end of May the seven of us had the opportunity to visit the island of Belitung . 3 day 2 night adventure in the exotic island of rocks . Very Unforgettable!airports Tanjung Pandan , Belitung
Arriving paket wisata belitung terbaik at the airport Tanjung Pandan  , we 've picked up our car which has a direct booking from Jakarta and East towards the Pacific coast to be exact manggar Serdang village .

Serdang beach located in the Bird Bath . It is generally white sandy beaches as the Pacific coasts , but unique you will not find a single granite rock on the beach but only along the white sand beaches and hundreds of pine trees that bordered the sea between the coast and inland . In the background we can see the mountains Bird Bath . It makes this beach different , because here is the only one that has the Pacific coast mountains as a backdrop . Bird Bath distance to the airport is approximately 70km , can be reached within an hour . There are no hotels in this vicinity , the nearest town is manggar , within 18km . The beach is beautiful and not too crowded . Seen some colorful boats parked on the beach , we were busy taking photos there ... tired of playing we sat relaxing on the beach while enjoying the fresh young coconut ... whew !

Not far from the beach Serdang , we stopped at the beautiful sandy beach of white Bird Bath and looks nothing like a river that flows into the clear blue sea and shore .. :-( We had the tasting menu Gangan snapper for lunch .Gangan menu snapper typical Belitung .
Advanced Bird Bath village trip we had visited the Vihara Dewi Kwan Im . This place is known as a place of worship Kong Fu Chu Belitung largest , was built on a mountainside Bird Bath . From this place , you can look around the sea off the coast Bird Bath . In every place in February was packed with pilgrims to worship in commemoration of the Chinese New Year . Although this is a religious place , visitors can come anytime for a tour .

February 28 2014


Tour de Belitung Very Happy n Anepun Senang Brai

This time is catper Tour de Belitung , on-road as usual with a distance of only 300km .
Followed 208 participants from Jakarta : PCC ( Castle Cycling Club ) , SCT ( Serpong Cycling Team ( Mr. Eko Lumadyo represent SCT on stage giving a speech , because the SCT one sponsor sau TdB ) ) , TSCC ( Taman Surya ) , MP3 ( Muara Karang , PIK , Pluit ) , MCT ( Monas Cycling Team ) , PGN ( Perusahaan Gas Negara ( see my lecture at Trisakti fitting ) , KGB ( Kelapa Gading ) , ID hysterical , wIII , Toshiba , Skippy , and Petrobikers dong ( Mr. Octo , Mas Herki ( Murphy ) , Ade ), from Bandung there Galao ( Gowes Anti Loading ) with mas Son and Iwan ( we gowes together in BBK ) , Solo Cycling Club ( SCC ) , Medan Gowes Group ( MGG ) with Mr. Ahin as the oldest participant ( 72 years ) which gowes mtb use the over size than the body of the father , but he was really great gowes her ; there were also paket wisata belitung murah participants from Hong Kong ( but who co- Caucasians ni , Dale and Luke ) , and Mark Winkle from Jakarta ( I know him in BBK ) , Axel and Tenne ( Lombok Audax hosts 25 to 27 January 2013) , Community Bike Bangka , Belitung Bike Community .December 7 , 2012 ( Friday)
Sriwijaya Air flight delayed 1 hour , passengers are mostly participants TdB the other day joined WSA ( West Sumatra Audax ) , Bali Bike Compass ( BBK ) , Bali Audax , and other audax , so the atmosphere was like a reunion .
The good - cargo bikes already in first since December 4 ( with a cargo bike delivery began on December 4 to 6 , at a cost of £ 75,000 ) . Committee ( Mr. Benny cs ) is very well prepared , because penerbanga Belitung per day only Sriwijaya Air ( 4x ) , and Batavia Air (2x ) , with maximal only 30 bicycles that can be transported .
The committee is also active fuel sundries pendaftarn reminded participants that arrive at the hotel , bike collection procedures , etc. ; every day of the tung ting tang BB continues deh receive fuel from Mr. Benny .
Once arrived at the airport H. As. Hanandjoeddin ; direct bus ride and we stopped at the famous Mie Belitung ATEP it ( noodles with sweet thick sauce , eaten with a mixture of cucumber , chips , and shrimp ) . Because really crowded , we had to queue to himself as he brought the glasses and plates to Encik to be made noodles and a glass of orange juice ( I actually used to wash glass , because glass runs out , hehehe .... really cool guests feel at home ) .Arriving at the hotel Bahamas , direct registration ( to 1 jersey ) . I'm rooming with Diani jeng ( organizer ) who hooked snacking , while we eat chocolate wasabi from Japan , he terjemahin his songs played Andy Lau wearing his Nokia ( I just knew Andy Lau to sing ) . Fyi , Diani has hp shop at Ambassador Mall , he was the info that frequency jamming BB charge power bank can make use BB ic weak , and it can Matot BB ( totally dead ) as doi got so paranoid ni ' to use the power of banks .Anyway , mechanical assured , wrote the info box live our bikes to the mechanics mas , a few hours later directly deh bike ready to live life . Wrote up the cost , I greet paste £ 100,000 for Removable including the already immaculate bike in the box again .
Technical Meeting held at 18.00 for 45 minutes late , after that we were transported by bus 3 ( in the Pacific there are only 4 buses , and 3 has been hired to TdB ) and some ELF for dinner at the Regent Pacific pack ( no music and could sing well for the love karaoke )December 8, 2012 ( Saturday )
Today 180km including extra mileage to the office 5km gowes regent for the real start .
Today is the village Buding ( 45km ) , lunch at the resto manggar all Fega ( 45km ) , Hamlet Elementary School 8 Air Ruak ( 45km ) , and the finish on the coast of Cape buried ( 40km ) .There were some participants who gowes with mtb mtb including me with that in - hybridkan and small tires replaced . Well , it turns out wasteful of energy and time ; each finish on the break point I definitely had to break up even though participants still plenty of drinking water ( mineral water , Pocari Sweat , canned bird 's nest , etc. ) . Btw , mtb bikes too heavy ( about 15kg my mtb 's) , I could try one of the participants with Pinarello not till 6kg weight , huhuhu ..... pantes aja the applause of all the road bike ( most likely also still chromoly my mtb and his Pinarello titanium , hehehe ...! )
Oiya , several times as usual I was Kuncen gowes , rear , this time to marshal his motorized police with loudspeakers encouraging her " mother spirit ... come on ! " Title resignation diliatin people along the way , hehehe ...! ( in the event of motor or car marshalnya police committee , there's no cycling marshal )

After lunch at manggar , hot weather around 38C , but about 1 hour later started overcast and heavy rain . The sweeper car kutitipi my raincoat somewhere , eventually gave up as well after showers hit the front tire of my bike , asphalt roads too slippery once , but its middling flat tracks but no shelter along the way due to oil palm plantations . I transported sweeper police car , crammed with other goweser in the car double cabin , wet and warm .
Police said the pack in the Pacific should be fine keep talking , something usually granted if requested . The police officer said , " certainly a lot for rain ni ' because the heat was so , so real rain deh " , sounds like heresy really does , but it is one that while I was busy gowes haw " kuluk - kuluk big rain " , hehehe ... . ! !SDN 8 participants in the hamlet of Water croaking welcome elementary school students in an atmosphere of heavy rain . In addition to the break drink , snack , and fruit , Benny pack also handing out towels " " good morning " to all participants , it is a great committee .The event finished in Tanjung buried defunct fitting me up , because there seems festive tent slang all . Finally, I shared some goweser caretaker , gowes relaxed back to the hotel just 10 minutes from the finish .

December 9, 2012 (Sunday )
Today the distance of about 110km , with the Hotel Bahamas - Hamlet Mempiu cerucuk village ( 35km ) , Cape Coast High fatherly photo session ( these shores Rainbow Warriors ) 45km ; Resto Berahu Hill for lunch ( 13km ) , and finish at the Bahamas hotel again ( 17km ) . Let the spirit before the start dong the same first photo Mr. Octo and Mr. Ahin .Lunch menu is pretty cool ( meatballs , cah sprouts , fried shrimp , chicken sauce , fish fillets , cut fruit and durian as her dessert ) . When Mr. and Mrs. Regent lunch all shooting for the show " Menu and Venue " .After our picnic lunch boat ride to the island of galangal , we can go up to the lighthouse and photographs .When heavy rain left the island , so it is definitely in the boat soaking wet and still have gowes 17km back to the hotel . But since the last day so I wrote spirit though not wear the jersey . I wear cotton shirt from Jogja but Petrobikers who wear t-shirts in a cleaning fit deh so anti-cold , Mr. Octo and mas Herki Petrobikers wear jersey .Once in the Bahamas at about 5pm , straight line participants receive a medal . That night our bus dinagkut for a gala dinner at the Hotel Hatika . Our dinner while listening to a presentation from the next host events like Tenne ( Lombok Audax host 25 to 27 January 2013) photos attached , Medan Gowes Group ( Tour de Lake Toba 8 to 12 March 2013) , and a door prize with a prize of al hp , tablets , notebooks , home theater , etc. .

December 10, 2012 ( Monday )
With the Srivijaya morning ( 7.30 am -an ) approximately 20 goweser back to Jakarta , were neatly dressed in office because it did not want to cut off . Box bike has been transferred to the airport since Sunday night , but still wrote a new Sriwijaya allow for in - check in it Monday morning . Fortunately, there is Mr. Amos is responsive help check -in of passengers and goods , free of charge for luggage bike anyway .
Once arrived at the Soekarno - Hatta , for the sake of safety , bike box participants exchanged ID bracelets ( bracelet prompted the committee , so I can make memorabilia deh , huhuhu ...! )

My Note
The committee was very nice and professional and helpful.
Food , beverages , and fruit is assured , every evening at the hotel there is a snack ( pempek , ice doger ) and a cake box that can be brought to the room . His hotel by the sea , so can leyeh - leyeh snacking while out in a restaurant with a beach view .
As Kuncen gowes , car organizers loyal following me to arrive at a break point , until Mr. Amos alternating sleep , wake up , sleep again , Ade has not arrived at a break point .
I've got a time limit when gowes to Resto Bukit boat , for fear of fitting I got his lunch restaurant is up , apart from having to chase the boat to the island of Galangal as well , so hit sweeper deh .

On the way I got the enlightenment of Mr. Amos ( he turns elders had at PCC SCT and 4 years ), ie : better road bike - bike , or road bike is in hybridkan ( ni opposite bike , mtb that even in hybrid to road bike , if road - bike once gowes be 2m , that may have 2x mtb new gowes could 2m ) , if nanjak teeth should remain large , custom -made gear mtb if nanjak aka ngicik small , so wasteful of energy .
( I had courted before willingly disweeper , hehehe .... ( according to Amos power pack and the spirit is still there : but because of the bike and the time is tight so please come by car )
Gowes on-road training must also be diligent because the long ride ; exercise 3 times a week with a minimum distance of about 100km per workout ( deh difficult for the employee like me , huhuhu ...! ) . Should gowes time with friends and to hide from the wind behind the front so saving energy . If you do not exercise the ability gowes 2 weeks can go down 40 % , if not a month training gowes ability to down 100 % . Deh different title with mtb . But friends road - bike our appreciation of off-road/mtb , for sure ngikuti rhythm heavy on-road .

Oiya , in the event there is no card is in -cap , because the event is not a race , the goal is more to the picnic and togetherness , but still wrote friends on-road speeding gowesnya applause , or I wrote that was slow yes , hehehe ... ! !

Fees ( excl airticket ) £ 3,000,000 ( twin share ) or EUR 5,000,000 ( single room ) or EUR 5,000,000 ( single + spouse not participate gowes but there jjs event ( one of them to his house Pak Ahok ) + shopping of course ) .
Results of talking with Mr. Amos , the total cost of around EUR 700 million TdB , the committee was also successful me - lobby Government and the local police , former police chief Sir IrJenPol Rum is now base in Jakarta and Pak police chief also participated gowes .
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